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The Session

I’m on the floor at a quarter past four
Waking up to take up Damocles' sword
It’s been hanging above me since ducks been ugly
And I’m trying to find what it is that they want from me
Is it my style of dress or just my plain finesse?
Probably not, the ladies ain’t impressed
That is until they check the microphone skill
That we possess and then they get on the pill

Now this is funky, the way we always do it
I must be getting hot because they’re telling me to cool it
Making quite an impression, never a suggestion
We’re giving you commandments like Charlton Heston
Forget Moses, stop and smell the roses
Passed out in a field wondering where my clothes is

I’m braggadocious but quite precocious
Learning everything quickly through osmosis
No need for toasters, just check our posters
We got the microwave-ready four courses
With an old school taste that we brought on back
And spiffed up the flava, trimmed off the fat
Just take it out the box, directions on back
A couple minutes on high…hot tracks

A tasty snack which you never know lacks the riboflavin
Got what you been craving
Always saving the best for last
That’s why we’re allowing the rest to go past
In contrast with all prior styles
Nothing compares to the Replicant and Wyles

The Flava Tribe
Keepin’ it lively in the session
Ain’t no question Flava Tribe we keep it live in the session

(Here we go) M-A Double L-O
Now that you can spell it go on with the show
On a side note, a wise man spoke
He said, “You better all listen to Flava Tribe, folks.”
Like Roanoke no one knows what happened
But we’re still here and continue rapping
Laughing at these sucker emcees
Who try to play the part but stink like cheese

The R-E-P-L-I-C-A-N-T
That’s me and I do charge a fee
I been furthering my cause eight days a week
And I’m sure to open doors every word I speak
With all that spoken I ain’t no joke
And could write a little story like I was Tolkien
There I go again with that big talking
And if you don’t like it better get on walking
Cause I’m here for both you and yours
For the first class ladies, the so-called whores
From a Kia to a Hummer through the winter and the summer
I’m sick of hip-hop it’s dumb and dumber
Gonna take ‘em all back like Mouth in Goonies
And if you don’t like it hire a lawyer and sue me

I’m truly not the litigious type
But if you’re looking like a lobsterback we might as well fight
I’m forthright and I got insight
I can peer deep inside then maybe indict
I’m off my rocker, I’ll give you a shocker
I’m shaking and I’m singing like a young Joe Cocker
That’s righteous, reaching new heights
Just wipe this silly smile from your mouth
Cause Flava Tribe’s here to clear all doubt
We’re the greatest, shameless, often underrated
Can’t listen to critics saying (“hated it”)

Is nothing sacred? People these days get
So upset before they even hear it
I’m the Replicant and though hardly heaven sent
I’m at least more honest than the sitting president
So take my word I don’t break it or my balls
As I continue to flow like Niagara Falls
Occasionally I curse, don’t play with me I’m terse
Flava Tribe is bad and only getting worse

Perverse verses, burning down churches
Maybe not that bad but stealing grannies’ purses
I know it’s merciless and I’m trying to change
You gotta understand this beast can’t be tamed
Plain and simple my words are nimble
Asking ladies, “Who’s your daddy” like Detective John Kimble
If I was there (“where”) there instead of here
I’d work just as hard to make my point clear
I’m choosing Flava Tribe as my career
And at this rate retirement is near



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