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Innkeeper's Daughter

Flava Tribe's illegitimate offspring, Innkeeper's Daughter has forged a life all its own rooted in promiscuity and folk tendencies. Bedding with many a bleary-eyed passerby, IKD has found its niche with catchy guitar riffs, heartfelt
melodies, and an insatiable sex drive. What began as a cry for attention and affection from an uncaring patriarch has blossomed into a rock-n-roll powerhouse, the likes of which we haven't witnessed since Mr. Big's demise. So much so that IKD may land a pair of tracks on the much ballyhooed, and constantly delayed, Flava Tribe debut album, thus damaging FT's credibility yet boosting IKD's. Leadman Wyles Mallo lends his velvety vocals to Reilly's velour-like guitar strumming. Enjoy a romp with IKD below and keep your eye on Binghamton's legendary Rathskeller for further relations.

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i must say

mike came home

lonely ferris wheel of love

pretty face

don't disappear (breathe)


can't blame


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