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Spewing forth from the same primordial goo that birthed such luminaries as Eddie Money, John Tesh, and Joey Buttafuoco, the Flava Tribe is Long Island's latest foray into infamy and bastardom. Emcees Wyles Mallo and CmcD the Replicant represent a breath of fresh air (or a kick in the rear rather) to the often stagnant hip-hop community as they neither have the money nor the panache to sport jewels and/or color-coordinated throwbacks. Combining organic musical stylings with old school beats, rhymes, and bizarre dance moves the Flava Tribe evoke an alternate
reality in which 80s action cinema, obscure historical coincidence, and music from any and every genre are each a vital part of a balanced breakfast. 1 Tuff Place has been audacious enough to assume what both flavacious members
would have resembled had they posed for portraits in the early twentieth century while being employed as professors at prestigious institutions. Click on their depictions for further excuses and lengthy explanations.