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Stir Crazy / Brainwashed

From the cradle to the grave refusing to behave
Breaking down everyday, not a dollar do I save
I spend all that I make to keep a smile on my face
I gotta live this life so as not to let it go to waste
In any case, I just can’t tolerate
The way the words in my mouth seem to taste
So I spit ‘em out and they land on the street
Unsavory rhymes splashing on the concrete
I’m a good ol’ boy with brain cells destroyed
My id’s outta control so call Sigmund Freud

So what if the sky falls and the sea floods
And we all end up drowning in lakes of blood
Bar none but the one who had a good run
I’d rather fly like Icarus and get burnt by the sun
Feathers floating down like Forrest Gump
And my body hits the ground with a painful thump

I live for hip hop and I’ll tell you why
Chris Wallace showed us all we ain’t ready to die
So tell me why I’m gonna fight and toss a few lefts
When I can just turn right, save my last breath
Until my jam is def and aim is met
I never really know what I can expect
But I am gonna step and walk outside
You can see it in their eyes they’ve been hypnotized
Someone’s gotta break the spell and can’t ya tell
We’re here for two things: Bring The Noise, Rock The Bells
For anything else just please have some patience
We ain’t your ordinary everyday sensations

(Chorus) x 2
Sick and tired of standing in place
But I’d be a liar if I called this a waste

Retrogression in the session and I’m learning lessons
Sometimes it’s like I’m stuck inside a bad western
With a big fake crescent moon shining down
On a dusty prairie outside a one horse town
With nouns and sounds and absurd verbs
I kinda like it when the music’s shaken not stirred

I done interned, I tried to learn
But with all the shit I seen I remain undeterred
Just wanna be heard on a stereo preferred
Or else I might just kick some spoken word
And might as well get swanky, buy the whole bottle
Proceed to get filthy, call me tomorrow
Cause in this equation we be standard deviation
Don’t stand in line and need no reservation
Never tied to a brand or even a bed
I can’t fuck with S&M or it’ll linger in my head
I stick a finger up instead high up in the air
I take the physical challenge because you double dared

Beware of them that say they’re your friends
But have done it before and will do it again

And you gotta defend before it comes to an end
Ask the who, what, where, how, why and the when

Transcend the rhetorical, heard from the oracle
Soon I’ll be making more green than chlorophyll

That talk is horrible but true indeed
This life I’m living economically ain’t free

Well nothing is and nothing ever will be
And as for the damage, well you’ll simply have to bill me



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