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1 Tuff Place © 2004

No Reservations

Every twenty minutes I finish another Guinness
Keep an eye on my glass and watch it diminish
We’re living excessively without any necessity
How else in the world could we come up with such a recipe?
But can’t you see what they doing everyday
There’s only so much you can take before you gotta give it away
And they know this, it’s all a strategy
With the marketing, promotion, and the MTV
And we’re gonna break this to get our two places
So you better learn to get used to our faces

Hey yo, put ‘em in a body bag, zip it up and tie the tag
Around his toe, another John Doe on his way out the door
And now I’m sure as much flava as I’ve spit there’ll always be some more
Cause it comes from within rapping about a life full of sin
And a grin cracks slowly onto my face
But I don’t know how much longer I can keep up this pace
Erased from existence is what you’ll be if you don’t listen
Revisions can often be made
But there ain’t no alterations once the track has been laid

(Chorus) x 2
Losing patience hearing what you’re saying
So we’re through waiting, ain’t got no reservations

Quaid, get your ass to Mars
That’s the only place you’ll be safe if we hit the bars
We measure it out in lines and add flava to this tribe
Then stick ‘em in the studio for one or two days time
And when you hear the oven beep and smell the hot beat
I start all over again (“mix & repeat”)
Well that’s where flava’s been, ain’t no telling where we going
All I know is that we’ll always keep you flowing serotonin
In the morning when you’re turning and your bloodshot eyes are burning
Flip on your TV and see what Shaggy’s learning

Well good for you and Scooby Doo
The Mystery Machine carried one tough crew
But at 1 Tuff Place we don’t fuck with haste
The reason for our flava is our slow-cooked taste
Like Nasty Nate I’m nasty
And I’ll never degradate cause I’m classy
I see people in the rearview trying to pass me
But I know that they’ll just end up crashing
Not a flash in the pan we’re lasting
I drop lyrics on the page with a passion


Look at my teeth and tell me what’s up in ‘em
Could it be the bloody flesh of my last victim?
Addicted to everything and anything
Wrath on the rhythm still making me sing
Bringing something table and I’m young and able
But like 1.21 I’m very unstable

Well call your Aunt Mabel and get her ass on the phone
I’m drinking black label all alone
And I need some company in these lonely days
Just a little conversation then I’m on my way
Cause if there’s one thing that’s been getting me down
It be the politics in government cause all they do now
Is use their vetoes to reject the bills
So I feel like Richard Grieco in If Looks Could Kill

See I’m above the law like Steven Seagal
But all these sucker m.c.’s really stick in my craw
Upon examining me you’ll never find a flaw
And goddammit Charlie don’t you hear that applause
It kinda sounds like a tidal wave smacking the shore
Just picture the pyrotechnics on our first world tour



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