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Long Past Dark

Losing my grip, followed by my balance
Then I’m gonna slip, getting up’s another challenge
Feeling uneven for no apparent reason
My mind told me yesterday it’s thinking bout leaving
Believing in a better brighter future
Although I always thought of it as later than sooner
But sooner or later I’m bound to meet my maker
I’m curious to see the real chef behind the flava

Well like Anastasia sneaking off in the cold
I’m searching out the last kingdom before it gets sold
But was told the young old are often easily controlled
And need to free the hold before we see and can behold
Another episode where our lives ain’t decided
Yet it’s just another thing that’s been getting me tired
In addition to the wishing that just recently went missing
Gotta get in the position where I sit back and just listen

A free thinker on the brink of extinction
Living in the gray makes it hard for distinction
So I’m sinking back in my chair
I know a better place it’s just a matter of getting there

(Chorus) x 2
It’s long past dark, I gotta get home
Been too long on my own

Constantly knowing where I need to be but never how to get it
And trying to remember some advice I heard not who said it
These be the things that lead me to bring
Back past memories that only serve to sting
And I gotta keep on moving, need to reach some height
Draw the blinds on the window letting in my hindsight
Cause all it does is harm, never treats me calmly
Gets me second guessing every question ever on me

Like the one on my chest, can’t forget how I’m blessed
I attest that I best not waste any time just waiting for answers and looking behind
So I’m a take it slow cause I can’t press rewind
Inclined to let nobody here stop me
There’s a clock on the wall that keeps tick-tocking

The door’s been knocking for plenty some time
I’m not scared to open it or even make up my mind
But the thing that’s getting to me is all the self-scrutiny
I can’t even seem to pass like a shop that sells duty free
It’s hardly new to me when from a kid to a man
All I shoulda understood is what I couldn’t understand


CmcD Outro:
On my way too close to yesterday
With the knowledge that spawned from utter dismay
I had trouble believing even harder time leaving
A part of myself behind demanding a reason
Any kind that might in the night ease my mind
Or when the coming light arrives one that won’t leave me blind
Cause I can’t take this…and I won’t take too much more
You know it seems to weigh on my days every morning wake up sore
Every evening get the feeling that I coulda done more
So I retrace steps long, lost, or forgotten
Realize the lies in every stride that I’d been walking
I need a release, the switch to turn things on
Suddenly get the sense it won’t be too long
Cause the way it’s been going it’s near the end
It’s long past dark gotta start to live again

Wyles Outro:
So I stay lost in my dreams
Cause nothing ever really is as it seems
It’s about time for me to leave
And the one thing that I believe
Is something must be waiting for me
As you can see it’s long past dark
But I decided anyway to make a start
Gonna head home where I know
There’s more than enough love to go around


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