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Dark Blue

I still think about as I walk about this town
Always in another place we’re spinning around
There are stars passing through a dark blue night
Where shadows and memories pass right by
My eyes do deceive, I can’t see me
When looking in the mirror I’m none too pleased
Though my mind’s at ease
Keeping my hands in the pocket of my pants
In a trance if you will, conversations in my head
Don’t know if it was real but real words were said
And then I thought about how little we know
Attempting to predict what else could be in store
And as for all beyond the realm of the physical
Content on contradicting the miserable
Invisible truths serving to soothe
A man in the middle of an endless pursuit

I can’t sleep and so I’ve forgotten my dreams
My head’s about to crack, it’s splitting at the seams
All I need is a means to get to some sorta ends
Or else I’ll be damned to this fatal pretense
That’s decided and provided behind closed doors
I need like 95 theses or maybe even more
Or just a clue like Professor Plum did
When he was standing in the study with a candlestick
That’s it and all there is to it
I’ve been confused and barely even knew it
Doing all I said I wouldn’t, trying but I can’t undo it
Now my future’s slipping through my fingers like it was a fluid
I say screw it, I’ll just catch it on the flip
And everything’ll be alright once I find my niche
I been looking and searching but it remains uncertain
So until the curtain closes and my final day is over
I’m a stay up on my toes and try to keep from dozing
Cause with all these zzz’s and the rising degrees
I feel the heat so what can I do but leave

(Chorus) x 4
It can all go so quick in a dark blue night

Now I’m standing here alone, it don’t seem right

Spent my whole day warm within the palace
Sipping from my chalice


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