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Breaking Down (Everyday)

We be raised in the old and integrated with the new
Organically grown as a single malt brew
We got the main ingredients, a dash of 1986
Sprinkled with some ’93 and not much really ever since
If that ain’t concrete evidence we stand for something different
Then he’s not Wyles Mallo and I’m not the Replicant

If I make it then I’ll take it and I’ll never give it back
Put my heart and soul onto each and every track
It’s evolution…survival of the fittest
Darwin himself would be acting sorta skiddish
Flava Tribe man, looking onto new horizons
The level of skill is constantly rising
After resigning from another day job
Got chased outta town by an angry lynch mob

With pitchforks and torches angry men come on horses
I just can’t quite tell what the source is
Of this violence, a breaking of the silence
Out on the road Flava Tribe is getting mileage
Every number that I’m dialing, I’m pleading for asylum
I’m bleeding on this island, I need just better timing
But the quartz gone dead in my watch long ago
I try to keep the mind tight with whatever I know

I shoulda known it this moment would go by so quickly
Thought I was smart but in the end they tricked me
Strictly living for the here and now
And illicitly speaking I’m well endowed


Nowadays when I come across a conflict and know I can’t resolve it
I do what Rick the Ruler did, I simply just flaunt it
I’m moving and maneuvering, only half a human
When I’m up on this mic and feeding on ya like a ruminant
No matter what the room you’re in, turn this up or tune us in
To get your daily dose of flava and essential vitamins

If you’re tired of hearing those ordinary reruns
Maybe you should try to listen to this one
Rhythm and wisdom and genuine feeling
Combine it into one and break the glass ceiling

A pair of size 12 boots on a bright white floor
Is all I could make out before she slammed the door
And so I guess that’s it and maybe see ya later
Cause I know you’ll come around when you catch the vapors

Just another bird that I’ll never fly with
Elegant and beautiful and so damn stylish
I didn’t hit the sack until around 5ish
After marinating in a tropical climate

It’s a popular environment no need to describe it
We got the beats and rhymes in a perfect alignment
When it comes down to flava, been learning the trade
And might as well be digital because we’ll never degrade

On a crusade, far from Jerusalem
With intentions better than Osama and Saddam
I got ‘em where I want ‘em, I see ‘em where I need ‘em
I’m sneaking in the back while the sun’s just peaking



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